This is a great opportunity to open a side business, marketing and reselling a complete educational software that has great demand among schools and colleges. It is an ERP system that every school and college need to run its functions smoothly and efficiently. All you need to do is, make them aware of Edukool. No programming and IT knowledge needed. Simply refer customers to us and we do all the work. You make big bucks in the process. It couldn’t get simpler and more profitable.

This is how you start a business selling bleeding-edge educational software.

Register with us as a partner.

You start promoting and referring customers to us.

You generate income when customers make a purchase.

Recurring income for every new customer you bring

When you join our partnership program you unleash an unlimited income potential because we share the revenue not just for the first time when you refer a new paying customer to us, but for every new transaction the customer has with us. Whenever the customer pays us, whether once, twice, or 10 times, we give you your share.

Partnership Programs

The Partnership programs that we have at Edukool are


Email Support
10% Commission
Partnership Fee $10,000


Chat and Email support
20% Commission
Partnership Fee $25,000
Access to the Project Management Portal


Phone, Chat and Email Support
30% Commission
Partnership Fee $50,000
Access to the Project Management Portal

You recover your investment fast

Once you become our partner, it is just a matter of referring a paying customer to us and you immediately start making money.
The process is so fast once you have become a partner, that you are open for business within hours, and even faster.
Simply promote the ERP and LMS solutions and we take care of the rest.
No waiting period. Start your business as soon as you become our partner and we activate your unique website.
State-of-the-art software product you will feel proud of promoting and recommending. Ready-made, out-of-the-box product, but completely customizable.
You get a complete password-protected dashboard to track your sales and earnings. The payments directly reach your bank account. No need to follow up or worry about getting paid. Everything is automated. Just focus on marketing and selling.
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