EduKool LMS – The Pro in Learning Management System with New UI and a Plethora of Features

EduKool LMS Features

Choosing the right Learning Management System for facilitating the management, delivery, and measurement of your eLearning programs might seem a daunting task, yet an important one. This is the reason Edukool has brought a powerful LMS platform for institutions that support multiple formats, offering tablet-based training/teaching modules, reference materials, offline exams, and ‘Pulse’ to get valuable feedback from students.

Edukool LMS has become an incredibly powerful tool for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions looking to improve the performance and engagement of their students.

Our Learning Management System can be used to deploy a variety of learning strategies across different platforms, including experiential, formal, and social learning for a better learning experience.

The students can track their progress, you can get a 360° view of your entire classroom system from a single dashboard, and the best part, Edukool LMS is available for Android platforms. In simple words, with Edukool LMS, you can create, distribute, track, and manage training.

The latest version of Edukool LMS is created keeping in mind the ever-growing need for educational institutions, making classroom management easy and hassle-free.

What’s New in EduKool Learning Management System?

Our new Edukool LMS comes loaded with a plethora of features and functionalities, that solves the problems of educational institutions with providing a hassle-free platform for students and the management for proper deployment of the eLearning courses.

Intuitive User Interface

Feature-rich systems aren’t of much use if your students are unable to use the user interface and navigate the Learning Management System platform. User Interface is one of the most critical factors when choosing the right Learning Management System.

The term User Interface is often used interchangeably with User Experience (UX). Although in Edukool LMS, user experience and user interface work together, user experience is typically more concerned with how things work for the students. Edukool LMS’ user interface is concerned with how things look, such as positioning of the bars and tabs, colors. Most importantly, our LMS platform’s seamless and speedy navigability all tie into good UI design, allowing the users to interact with the platform effortlessly.

It is all about using a platform that intelligent and intuitive. Edukool LMS is precisely that. For starters, the well-designed user interface of our LMS platform makes it easier to train administrators on the new system. Moreover, our new UI design can boost overall productivity and reduce rollout time as well.

EduKool LMS UI

The Edukool LMS is designed to suit the training needs of students in schools and colleges. For example, our Learning Management System is capable of delivering digital training based on each student’s information absorbing capacity and skill level.

During the Edukool LMS demo, we will walk you through every critical functionality that you need to know about. Moreover, we will walk you through typical user scenarios to allow you to get a good grasp of important features. You can use real data and upload online training content according to your curriculum. Our LMS platform allows easy integration with Android devices.

When it comes to the user interface of Edukool LMS, there are five key aspects that make our Learning Management System stand out from other platforms. They include:

  1. Future-proofed: Edukool LMS boasts a basic design that can hold up several years from now
  2. Engaging: The overall design of Edukool LMS is aesthetically pleasing and definitely will not turn off users and visitors
  3. Efficiency: Edukool LMS platform intuitively understand what actions users are most likely to make, and it quickly delivers on those actions
  4. Consistency: The actions performed on Edukool LMS are constant across all pages to eliminate errors and bolster familiarity
  5. Clarity: It is easy to understand what to do and what each icon signifies and does. There is no unnecessary complexity

Each of these factors will enhance the overall user experience of using this Learning Management System. It will decrease your potential for error and increase productivity from your students’ side.

The best part about using our Learning Management System is that your students will get access to eLearning assessment tools that will support their studies and help them in making an informed decision.

The Amazing Features of EduKool LMS Platform

  • Security: One of the most significant features of Edukool LMS is robust security. Students or anyone from the administrative department cannot misuse the tablet or the dashboard. If abused, the report will be sent to the chief regulatory body.
  • EBooks: Forget the hassle of carrying big, bulky books. This platform offers eBooks for all the student, making courses and chapters accessible from any part of the world. They can access the e-books via a tablet.
  • Reference Materials: Apart from curricular books and study materials, students will be provided with videos, images, and documents, relating to the course and subjects they are learning.

reference material

  • Whiteboard: For conventional teaching with saved board-files
  • Online Assessment: Exams will be held online with immediate report generation that will be sent to students, teachers, and parents.
  • Offline Exams: This LMS platform is capable of conducting and administering offline exams as well for self-evaluation and home works.
  • Time Table: Students and Teachers can access the day’s time table
  • Circular: For communications with acknowledgment, making it easier on the students and parents
  • Calendar: Students can view the whole academic year’s program.

calendar screen

  • Buzzer: To create interest by selecting who must answer first
  • Pulse: To get immediate feedback from students

  • Handraise: To contact teacher without disturbing others
  • Device Lock: To avoid students distraction
  • Synchronizing: To maintain the same teaching and learning process; that is, when Sync is on, the teacher and Student tabs will have the same screen.
  • Students Status: To know the level and send content based on it.

Most importantly, Edukool LMS is a multilingual online learning platform where students from diverse regions can enjoy uninterrupted learning in their preferred Indian Languages.

The best part, parents can get immediate and easy access to their children’s report cards and performance metrics. If yours is a single institution or a group of institution, Edukool LMS offers course management from a centralized dashboard. The entire system can work without Internet using the Local WLAN network.