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Online Classroom Challenges

Top Online Classroom Challenges and How Schools Can Address Them

Even though many schools and other educational institutions are turning to online platforms to curb the challenges of the pandemic, these solutions are often far from complete, much less perfect. Online learning comes in different forms, after all, with some solutions evidently outshining others. Can schools really consider video conferencing tools as ideal online classrooms? […]

online classroom software

Why EduKool Can be Any Educational System’s Game-Changer and Why It’s Better than Video Conferencing Tools

With the new normal in place, schools and other educational institutions are tasked with coming up with effective ways to minimize disruptions on students’ learning continuity. Since conducting classes virtually is the best and safest option at present, most schools are relying more on video conferencing tools to do so. But are these tools (like […]

ERP Software benefits for schools

Why Most Schools, Like Businesses, Should Start Utilizing ERP Software?

When it comes to management, a school doesn’t differ that much from a business. In fact, in certain cases, educational institutions could prove to be harder to manage because you not only have to manage both teachers and students but the finances, news, on-campus activities, generating reports and ensuring smooth communication, too. What more if […]

ERP Software

Unveiling Edukool ERP: A Paradigm of Quality in Educational Software and Learning Management Systems

Educational software that can help deliver plenty of benefits on a holistic level is almost always a step ahead of the competition. As long as it can provide numerous advantages to students, parents, teachers, and to you, the administrator, it will always have that edge and bring unprecedented convenience and efficiency to education in general […]

EduKool LMS Features

EduKool LMS – The Pro in Learning Management System with New UI and a Plethora of Features

Choosing the right Learning Management System for facilitating the management, delivery, and measurement of your eLearning programs might seem a daunting task, yet an important one. This is the reason Edukool has brought a powerful LMS platform for institutions that support multiple formats, offering tablet-based training/teaching modules, reference materials, offline exams, and ‘Pulse’ to get […]

Benefits of EduKool LMS Software

Incredible Benefits of Edukool LMS for Learners, Administrators, and Organization

With the advancement of technology and globalization, a traditional classroom-based learning approach is fast becoming less effective for training a wide learner demographics. This is why more and more schools and organizations worldwide are turning to Learning Management Systems (LMS). An LMS is a software tool that is used to deliver content and resources to […]

Moving Beyond the Textbook

Moving Beyond the Textbook: EduKool Learning Management System

The world begins in the classroom. Starting from decades ago, the world introduced a standardized learning curriculum that was presented by instructors at schoolhouses. Although the buildings have changed over the years, the overall curriculum and the methods of teaching have not changed. This can pose a problem since our workforce is largely changing from […]